Smart Hotel & Motels have Internet Jacks & Wireless

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Hotels and Motels have been late in joining the Internet age. Travelers now need internet jacks in the rooms, wireless is good and a quick fix but  wired cabling systems are a lot faster and better for travelers with IP phones.  Make the connection contact-directconnect for your plug-n-go in room solution for  high-speed Internet.

The competition is moving fast !

Yes we can, easily add a computer network with out adding more wire by re- jacking and re-terminating one room at a time.

If your renovating it would be prudent to run at least two cat5 cables @ each location, three would be safer.

You can still have a state of the art network if you have one cat5 already for telephone per location?









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The future is the Internet so if your serious about connecting to it?  Contact-directconnect we Install Exceptional Telecom products, Service and Infrastructure that Complement and Support Telecom Companies.  

Aesthetically pleasing Cabling Systems that work !  For your next cabling project contact-directconnect